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No pre-riding course before day of event without written permission from the promoter or during an Organized Pre-Ride, this is private land. Trails are not open to the public except for organized events.

18 Hours Scouts Honor

and 6 Hours Scouts Honor

Endurance Mountain Bike Event
Saturday, September 19, 2015 to Sunday

18 Hour Registration or6 Hour Registration

Location:  Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation 
                  1723 Maidens Rd                         
                  Maidens, VA 23102
                  [ map this ]
Start Time:  2 p.m. 
Race Ends:
  8:00 a.m. (8:00 p.m. for 6 hour racers)
Lap Distance: 
8 miles (:40 to :60 minute laps, depending on motor)

Amenities: camping, cabins, yurts and more for lodging, showers and electricity, buffet breakfast.

Video Courtesy of GroundForce IT

RIDERS PLEASE NOTE: any team rider changes will be charged a $15 fee so please be sure you have your team ready to go when you register. We understand things happen but making changes is time consuming and so we want to make sure your team is set and ready to go. If you DO need to make a change due to change in status, just let us know and we'll take care of it but we'll have to enforce the $15 rider change fee.

Get Directions

Via 288 to Route 6 West

From Richmond, take State Route 6 (Patterson Avenue) west past Crozier and the State Farm, to the first intersection (U.S. Route 522 and Route 634). Turn right (north) on Route 624 to camp.

From the South via U.S. Route 522

U.S. Route 522 connects with U.S. Route 60 west of Richmond. Proceed north on U.S. Route 522. Cross the James River at Maidens. Continue straight ahead to Camp on Route 634 at the intersection with State Route 6.

Via Interstate 64

Take Interstate 64 to the Oilville Exit. Turn left (south) on Route 617 to U.S. Route 250. Turn right (west) on U.S. Route 250. Turn left (southwest) on Route 632, then turn left (southeast) on Route 634 to Camp. Note the highway signs that lead into camp starting at U.S. Route 250.

Via U.S. Route 250

From Richmond, Take U.S. Route 250 (Broad Street Road) west past Oilville to Route 632. Turn left (southwest) on Route 632, then turn left (southeast) on Route 634 to Camp. Note the highway signs that lead to camp starting at Route 250 at Route 617.